Promote Your Service and Product through Instagram

Instagram has become more popular thanks to the number of users who enjoy adjusting their photos with filters and special effects before sharing them with followers and friends. Businesses also saw the potential of this social media website as a way to promote their products and services and gain a large following. People love being visually stimulated, so posting photos of your products and staff will allow you to connect with them and build strong relationships and brand loyalty. 

What sets Instagram apart from other platforms is its unique editing features and the immediate effect it brings. Businesses are taking advantage of this platform to further interact with their client base. For them, Instagram gives them a practical means to market their services and products while getting immediate feedback from their customers. 

They can also automatically set their posts to be distributed to other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. These integrated features can help them save a lot of time and effort as they no longer need to visit each of these websites to post their updates. How can you become famous on Instagram and use your popularity to market your business? 



Hashtags make it easier for users to find posts that refer to a certain topic. Use the right hashtag every time you post an image to reach more users who may be interested in what you are offering. Aside from using hashtags in your products or company name, you can also include hashtags that are frequently used and searched on the site. There are online tools that can help you find popular hashtags based on the keywords you are using to promote your business. 


It is now possible for users to tag a certain location with their photos that are saved to their personal photo map. This is particularly beneficial if you travel around the country or you have a physical store. For instance, if you have booths at a trade show or local crafts fairs, you can take a picture and tag your location to inform your followers about your current location. 


Photo-a-Day Challenge has become more popular with Instagram. Businesses can make a new list and post them on Instagram at the start of the month and encourage their followers to create new images on a daily basis. You can hold contests using Photo-a-Day Challenges to get more exposure for your business brand or find samples of these challenges to gain some inspiration. 


You can post ordinary photos on Instagram, but you can use the filters provided by the site to attract more attention. Try experimenting with various filters and determine which one is the most popular among your followers. 


Instagram allows you to customize your brand as it provides users with an inside look at their favorite celebrities and brands. Aside from providing photos of your products, you can also use Instagram to give your followers an inside look at your operation. For instance, you can take photos of your staff at work or pictures of your workspace. Provide your followers with an inside view of how your business works and you will establish a stronger bond with them. 


If you want to know how to become famous on Instagram, you have to inform your followers about the latest happenings in your business. For instance, if you are attending an event, take photos of the event and tag your location. You can also take photos of your brochures or flyers if you’re holding a holiday sale. Give a special discount to Instagram users and this will make your followers feel more special. 


Holding a contest is one of the best ways to increase your Instagram followers. If you want to keep your followers, you need to promote engagement. Ask followers to post their own photos with your company name or a unique hashtag and give them a prize. It’s even better if the prize is one of your products. 
Your contest should be related to your business as you want to market your own service or product. For instance, if you’re selling women’s apparel, you can offer one piece from your newest line as the prize. You can ask your followers to post a photo of them wearing their favorite outfit. Your main goal is to create a strong fan base, so keep this in mind. 


Interacting with your competitors’ followers won’t hurt. This will allow you to increase your own leads, likes and followers. There are tools that can help you look for your competitors on Instagram and get a list of their followers. You can follow their followers and connect with them through liking their photos or commenting on their posts. 
These are just some of the best ways to become more popular on Instagram. Posting on the best times is important. You should post during the times when your customers are using the site. There are tools that can help you determine the best times to post an update. Once you determine those best times, make sure to post updates or photos during those times to get more comments, views, likes and followers. 
If you are planning to include Instagram in your marketing strategy, you need to understand the significance of consistency and the proper use of hashtags. Use specific hashtags and avoid using common statements like #perfume. Instead, say #Dior. Check what your competitors are doing as they may have some new ideas that you can gain some inspiration from. 
You also need to share only relevant content. People only want the most important information about your service. Steer clear of information that won’t benefit your business. Being consistent is also crucial if you want to increase your popularity and sales. Your posts and updates should be consistent as posting incoherent and inconsistent information can bring a costly and negative impact on your business.